make a Vortex Fire Tube DIY

We are going to show you how to make a Vortex Fire Glass Tube including Drawings and a Part-List  Download, you can easy rebuild this Feuerrohr with some Tech. & Welding Skills, simply watch our Video Combined with the Text DIY here and you will succeed quickly.  

*This DIY is purely made for Entertaining Purposes,  you follow the Instructions on this Article on your own risk !*

Feuerrohr-Pelletfakel Selbst nachbauen

Feuerrohr Pelletfakel Bausatz auf

What do we need to – make a Vortex Fire Tornado

The Fire Tornado Glass Tube in general is based on an Rocket Stove construction, easy to make and the material for this project is also available in nearly all Country´s. The Material List (Amazon Affiliate Links) supplyers in this Project are mainly based on the United States, For European Part-list please switch Languages ! In this project we were using a (Stahlwerk Weldingmachine) which is really awesome, affordable and useful for all kind of Materials. 
Feuerrohr DIY

1. Cut and Prepare Material

-Square pipe 80*80mm & 50*50mm cut the ends 30°  -Square pipe 80*80mm cut end on the 750mm  30° -Square pipe 80*80mm ca. 160 mm long end 30°   -Square pipe 50*50mm 30° end 190mm long side

2. Cutouts Tornado Firetube

80*80mm Pipe – cutout ca. 46mm wide, length of Burning chamber 30° 50*50mm Pipe.
Round Pipe 114,3mm diameter cutout 80mm wide lenght as you like. (if you use a 3inch Pipe 76.2mm)

3. Modification Pellettank

Use a Angle Grinder to cut off ca. 50mm of the 80*80mm Pipe from the 30° side. Safety First !!

4. Vortex Air Circulation Burning Chamber

Download the Drawing to create the same Air circulation on the Burning Chamber as we did, with this Flyers you control how your Vortex flame is Burning. Cut them out with a Saw or a Angle Grinder sand them half round. To Download the Drawing click on the Picture

5. Drill Air Circulation Holes Vortex

Feuerrohr Brennkammer Bohren 2
The most important Part in the Creation of an Vortex is the Air Circulation. Due to the Holes we Drill in our Vortex Fire Tornado, we control the Fire flame Behavior . What is a Vortex ? A Vortex, is Air that rotates around an axis like an tornado this is called a vortex. A Drilled Fire Pile! Drill the Holes like we do and you will get the Perfect Fire Tornado Flame !

6. Cut off Standing Feet

5pcs Round Steel 12mm dia. ca. 300mm long, cut end on 30° if you like to place it in your Garden we advice to weld some 30mm Washers under the Feet to get a stable stand.

7. Burning Chamber - Weld our Fly´s on

We were using a Stahlwerk Welding machine which worked perfect for our Case, if you Point each fly from both sides that´s absolutely enough.  Align and Point weld them well. Download the Triangle Template !

8. Fit the Burning Chamber into Baseframe

Slightly sand the welded Circulation Burning Chamber until it fits into the 114,3mm Baseframe Pipe. Do not  sand to much, it should sit well inside to guarantee a Perfect Vortex Air Circulation.

9. Weld Burning Chamber on Pellettank

Weld the Finished Burning Chamber 50*50 Square on the Pellet Tank, make sure the 30° cut side align perfect on the cutout we made earlier on the 80*80mm Square pipe! Try to weld it Air tight to secure a Proper Burning Flame as Result!

10. Weld Squaresheet Pellet collecting

This slightly Bended V2A Steel sheet will prevent the Wooden Pellets to fall down without Burning. It makes sure that the Pellets stay in Place and Burn down well. Use a stainless steel hole sheet to enjoy your Vortex Firepipe for longer and prevent humid harm.

11. Ash Box Welding

Now solder the Ash box, the ashbox collects the Ash and Prevents the Floor from possible Firespread. Wel it on Both Sides, again if possible air tight !
All these Welding works you can do as well with an electric Welding machine but in our Case we have used a Stahlwerk Welding machine. MAG/WIG/ELECTRO

12. Fixation Base frame pipe

Simply use a Longer M8 Nut and weld it centered on our Burning chamber end. Align the bottom well with an assembly magnet. With that M6 Fixation we can assemble our Main Frame Pipe.

13. Clean up & Sand

Before assemble the Vortex Firetube we are going to sand off all crap and try to smooth all the Contruction. If you are going to Paint it it will look way better if you give it a nice Finish sand with an Angle Grinder.

14. assembly make a Vortex Fire tornado

Make yourself a wooden base to place the Firepipe for welding our Standing feet. (Wood 120mm high) Weld the Feet in the Position you like make sure it´s working and you got the Ideal Gravity that your Vortex Fire pipe is not falling down !

15. Welding Glass pipe support

Adjust your Glass tube holder ring from the 114.3mm Pipe, give it a try first, look that the Tube is Straightand sits well on the Base Frame. Once you made sure all is Perfect, Weld it.

16. Heat Protection assembly

Paste the Heat Protection fabric on the Standing locations of the Glas pipe. Paste it in the inner circle of the 114.3mm Pipe as well as on the Glass Holder Top.
This Fabric makes sure our Glass Tube is not touching the Metall, if the Glasstube touches any Metal it can be Broken pretty quick, so be careful.

17. Pellet tank Cover

To Protect our Fire tube of Rain and Snow. We install a little Cover which will be easy to open and Close. Weld it on the Pipe and you are ready to go. We are going to use here the 12mm Full Steel and the 15mm Steelpipe.
Feuerrohr selber bauen Pelletrohr Deckel Schweisen

18. Last Step Paint or Brush

Now after the Construction Process of the Vortex Tornado Firepipe is done, it´s on you to Decide if you like to Paint it, Leave it Original and wait for the Humidity does the Rest 😉 IF you Paint it we advice you Special Heat resistant  Color. Click on the Download Link and Find the Paint via Amazon Affiliate Link.

19. Fill the Pellet Tank

Fill the Vortex Fire Tornado Tube with the Wooden Pellets. Get the Pellets click here or check in PDF.
Heuerrohr Selber bauen Pellet

20. Finally... let´s fire it up !!

Feuerrohr selber bauen
Use 1 small Grill Lighter, throw it into the Burning chamber, wait for 3 minutes Pull over the Glass tube wait for another 5-8 Minutes and your Fire Tornado should reach the Max Height (if you worked proper)  

We hope you Guy´s enjoyed our DIY about this Vortex Tornado Firetube, we have enjoyed and are already in the next Projects to entertain you guy´s. Please give us a Like, Subscribe and share, we are glad to offer you All the Amazon Links we have researched in the United States collected in a PDF File which you can use to reproduce this Product.   

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